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Integrated Builds is a family-owned and operated company that was built with our core values of thoroughness, quality, and integrity in mind. With a second generation of family firmly rooted in day-to-day operations, these core values are well established for a focus of long term growth, client satisfaction, and employee well-being. Furthermore, we believe that integrating family principles such as trust and positivity with our core values creates a culture that is unmatched in our industry.

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At Integrated Builds our team is dedicated to ensuring your project exceeds expectations from concept through completion. Experience matters in the construction business and our professional team is here to help guide you through every step of the process. Our thorough planning and efficient execution make us the right choice to build your next project.


Integrated Builds is a fully licensed general contractor in Tennessee and Georgia. We have delivered excellence in public and private projects since 2006 in numerous industries including educational, religious, industrial, automotive, renovations, multi-family, civil, aviation, historical, and more. Integrated Builds prides itself on having the talent and experience to meet any of our clients’ needs.


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General Contracting

Integrated Concrete brings its years of concrete expertise and experience to your job, whether it’s a modestly sized foundation or an expansive industrial facility, we’ve done it and we have the recommendations in the market to prove it. Our goal as a concrete contractor is to help start your project off right and get your project ahead of schedule with no hassle.


Integrated Concrete is a fully independent, turnkey solution for your concrete needs. Since 2006 we have been a part of projects that have changed the landscape of Chattanooga and North Georgia. Having completed projects across 5 states we strive to develop new relationships while nurturing the relationships that made us who we are.



Slabs on Grade

Elevated Slabs on Deck


Sidewalks, Curbs, and Paving

MDR Development is a natural fit for land acquisition and development with a fully staffed construction company at their disposal. Having completed multiple development projects within the last fifteen years, MDR Development brings an avenue of expansion that compliments our experienced construction services. We look forward to our future development endeavors and can’t wait to bring new business and job opportunities to the communities we serve.

HISTORY OF MDR Development

MDR Development was founded in 2009 to establish a development known as Turntable Road. Since the company’s inception, we have developed half a dozen properties for businesses from the ground up, hold multiple assets, and currently maintain lease agreements on those assets. We look forward to continuing our endeavor in development and setting ourselves apart with our strong track record of delivering exceptional results.


Land Acquisition

Asset Restoration



Building Relationships, Delivering Excellence


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Thoroughness guides our thoughts and processes from pre-construction all the way through the punch list. By relying on our years of experience we have formulated our processes and continue to refine them through the lessons we learn with each project. This has allowed us to take the time to have the appropriate pre-construction conversations, strive for meaningful progress meetings, and communicate clear expectations for project closeout in order to establish a healthy and productive construction process.



Quality is the lasting impact on a project long after the contract has been completed and the warranties have run out. Paying careful attention to detail and precision in every aspect of construction is paramount to capturing quality. We are blessed to have our own skilled tradesman to complete tasks such as subgrade preparation, cast-in-place concrete, carpentry, demolition, and more. Our men possess a thorough understanding of quality in construction and work to ensure that every aspect of their work meets the highest standards of craftsmanship.

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Integrity is the focus in everything we do to ensure all of our projects are being built safely and in compliance with building codes. Integrity at the focus also allows us to produce high quality projects to keep our clients happy, creates a welcoming working environment for employees, and also allows our subcontractors to be successful on our projects. We understand that projects completed with integrity not only meet our own high standards, but also build trust and credibility in our industry.

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